My Phone Was Possessed!

Over the last wee while my phone has not been working properly. I do not know what was wrong with it, even now. My best friend’s theory is that it was possessed. Truth be told, it is as good a theory as any. It began to overheat. One day my wall paper disappeared, leaving behind a black background.Then it started to restart itself periodically. After that sound stopped on phone calls. You would type in/ find the phone number, click dial and silence. You could look at the screen and it would show that you were on a call, with the time ticking on but there was silence when you had the phone at your ear. This would only happen intermittently. Next thing that happened was the screen would randomly stop working. It was as though it wasn’t reacting to touch, which isn’t exactly great for a touch screen phone! The next thing thing that started to occur was when you were trying to send a text, the screen would start flashing and then stop responding. I had to finally accept defeat when the phone’s torch would randomly come on and then I wouldn’t be able to get it back off again because of course the screen would not be responding. So, really the theory of it being possessed might not actually be a crazy one. It got to the point that I just couldn’t deal with it any longer so I dragged myself to the shop to get it seen to and it got sent away to get fixed and I received a stand in phone. This phone was ok, it took me a while to try and get used to it, but it was ok.

As sad as it is, I was really excited when I got the call on Monday saying that my phone was back from repair and I could go pick it up. With getting the stand in phone, I realised that I had saved my contacts to my phone so I had lost all my contacts. On one hand I was upset about this, but I have since started to look at it as a bit of a cleanse. I am one of those people who never delete contacts, so I had many numbers in my contact list, many I hadn’t even contacted in a long, long time. I was looking forward in setting the phone up again and, I was just looking forward to having my own phone back, even if it had to be completely wiped to get sorted. I looked at the form that was handed back to me and in the box that was meant to contain what was wrong with the phone was blank. The conclusion I could draw from this was, nobody could find out exactly what was wrong with it.

The very next day I had to take the phone back to the shop as the phone still wasn’t properly working. The screen was still being intermittently unresponsive. The shop had to send it away again. This time the phone I received as a stand in was not a smart phone. Actually I had not seen a phone like it since I’ve been in high school! I had forgotten how to use a phone that wasn’t a smart phone. I know, there are worse problems than forgetting how to use T9 predictive text, and how to set it so that I don’t need to use it. I never did like T9 predictive text!

Now I have always had a bit of difficulty working technology, so much so that I actively tell people that I am cursed when it comes to technology! (Some people even have start to believe me). But for somebody who is not tech savvy, it is amazing how much of my life is actually connected to my mobile phone. It’s amazing how much it can be taken for granted. For example, before the shop decided to send my phone away for repair, it ran some tests on my phone to see if they could fix it first. They sent me away to wander around for half an hour. I walked out the shop to go window shop in some other ones. I went to check the time and realised I could not. I do not have a watch because I always just use my phone for the time. Then I thought to myself that it was fine, I would just phone home and ask… The problem with this being I HAD NO PHONE! Naturally, this week so far I have wanted to take a photo but I don’t know how to be able to save it, plus I know it wouldn’t be great quality, I have needed to use Google Maps for directions but did not have a phone I would be able to, had people contact me through the Facebook Messenger App so I have had to get back to them very, very late. Also when I turned the phone on I had the numbers saved of some random people on it (makes sense since it was a stand in phone) but I do not want to mistakenly leave any numbers of my loved ones on the phone once I get my own back so I have not saved any numbers which means I couldn’t contact people, couldn’t find what number was theirs and on some occasions I have received texts from friends and I’ve had to text them and ask who they are. I use my phone to write this blog, I use it to keep notes, I use it as a diary with all my appointments on it, I have apps on it to help me keep record of tablets, of my symptoms, track habits. I have apps set up to remind me when to take my medicine. I use it to keep in touch with support groups. I use my phone’s camera to take pictures of everything – things I like, things that calm me, things I want to remember, something that amused me. Absolutely everything.

I have moaned a lot about how I am not technologically minded. I tell people technology hates me (which I firmly believe it does!). However, I have been finding not having my own phone very difficult. Hopefully when I eventually get it back, it will be properly repaired… and hopefully no longer possessed.


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